Flying to England takes a while

I flew overnight, Seattle to London last night.

The airport contained, approximately:
100,000 sighs
80,000 coughs
50,000 sneezes

At a certain point, there were 1,000,000 micro droplets per square foot of:
1. Panic
2. Euphoria
3. Dread

I sat in a row of three. We were each in our own nests of personal belongings because there is no room.

We flew over the dogs Labrador and Newfoundland.

At 3:15 a.m., my home time, I saw Ireland below. Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Look! That’s! Ireland! Right! There! It’s! Just! Sitting! There!

This is the magic of flight.

It isn’t the air inside the plane, which smells of:
1. Stale perfume
2. Fake food
3. Sedentary skin
4. Hair
5. Chewed-up enthusiasm

I didn’t know what to expect to exactly happen on this trip. So, I liked this quote:

“After you jump a net appears.”
-Vincent Lauria

A dream of the dying

Dream 9/2/17
Sitting with the dying and the brown cow

Someone asked me to sit with a woman who had just died. I sat down next to her, she was on her back, perfectly still. A few feet away, her brownish red cow lay down like a dog on the floor. It was huge and sleeping.

I pulled up a chair and put her hand in mine. Her hand gently responded, slightly gripped mine.

I was a bit startled and asked her, “are you here?”

She said, only her lips moving, “no, yes. I’m not here but I haven’t left yet. Would you mind staying here with me until I leave completely?”

I said, “of course, I’m totally with you, you’re not alone.”

She seemed greatly relieved and said thank you.

We sat for a several minutes but not an hour doing nothing. That time felt very powerful, like a highly dense plant protein absorption sit. We seemed to share energy with one another, but also Here and There. She sent some thoughts now and then, not using her lips.

She didn’t move physically. Eventually, she communicated that she could see the bright tunnel, the lights, and many sounds. It was true, she said, it’s like a cosmic lit up alive birth canal to the other side. She felt joyous, even ecstatic.

Her hand dropped from mine. She made it.

I got up and looked over for the cow. It wasn’t there anymore.

About an hour later, I had a rock of hers, or for her in my hands. I was asked to climb a ladder, and rope, up to a high place on a tree or structure and put it there as the final token to her that she was here once. So, I did that.

A friend of hers came by and she thanked me for doing this, she said she could not.

I said I was glad to do it, even though I only met the person after she died.