If nettles call, go.

After lunch, I walked outside. It was too perfect to continue sitting inside conference rooms.  After all, the  English countryside was right there. I could hear the humming invite of a thousand nettles.

The public pathways opened the way like the dao (I am at a Chinese medicine conference so it all flows). They are super quaint and a little fuzzy on exact details. The public footpaths, that is.

One path was covered over in growth. It was mystical and had animal holes here and there and I briefly wondered about the threat of badgers. What would I do? I was told later that it was more likely big rabbits. Badgers are shy.

A few areas are straightforward.

I just finished  a class about nature and health. It was a clear presentation, leaving no doubt that nature is healing. It doesn’t even demand that you be way out in the country or woods. It does mean communing with what is alive. For example, gardening. It is best if you can find a place among trees or water or clouds to spend some time. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It could mean indoor plants. If you can’t do much outside, bring it in.

Also and in the same vein of being alive, give and receive affection. Be loving; be sexual with your beloved. Be there. Also, and on the list, have pets. In England, therapy animals are called pet dogs. As in, you pet them and feel good. Touch another living thing with care.

I think we all have doors or pathways of choice along the way.


Nearly every day we have chances to go through passages, or elevate. We climb up. We see more, we feel a touch of strength, confidence. A way to do it again.

Or, there is no obvious clear path so you skirt through between the nettles reaching toward you and the corn dutifully shooting straight up, totally indifferent to your passing. Even such a small victory like this is exhilarating because you did it, you moved forward.

When I passed by the above scene I thanked the moment. I mean I really felt thankful for receiving such a generous gift. Waves of thanks went around to the quiet field. There was not one single other person out there.

It then made me wonder where we learn gratitude? We talk it up a lot. I think it’s most powerful modeled. I learned from a few people along they way- mostly when quite young- I saw the faces and body language of gratitude. I felt the energy of gratitude and it infused me, a little drop splashed around here and there over time. And thinking back now, I loved witnessing it.

I made my way back through the country and into the next lecture.

the next session was about the technique and flow of acupressure and tuina (a type of massage). This presenter talked to you like she wanted to, listened to you like she liked you, laughed like she got the joke, touched like she loved the person receiving. Essentially, she was confident, skilled, joyful, and present. This was just what I needed to see. I need this sort of example to move me along with what I’m trying to do with my life personally and professionally.

I think this is health in action.

Love what you love. Love who you love, everybody- people, animals, plants.  Apply love and affection as a verb. Don’t be too busy for either or both. This is for sustainable health and well-being.

This was my lesson for this day in England.

4 thoughts on “If nettles call, go.”

  1. Touch another living thing with care.

    even if on the shoulder, while eating a burrito, and a little dog dances beneath the table.

    very nice, Bunky. you are whittling down and filling out at the same time, I like it a great deal. others will like it too, with love.

    and you changed the format! it’s very nice- the photos lead us along as well, so cool!

    hope you enjoyed sharing your adventure with us all- we didn’t get to go with you THEN but we get to go NOW. and now is all there is-

  2. Lovely, dear friend.
    I am always there with you , while reading your words.
    Simply perfect.
    Think about reading Being Mortal, by the way

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